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Re: X.org's DRI vs. ATi's Proprietary driver (Was: "Re: ATI Livna driver package (Something has changed)")

Strong wrote:
> Does anybody know, Why nvidia 3D-graphics support is excluded from the
> default kernel, as opposed to ATI-ones?

Fedora won't, as a matter of policy, include non-open source software.
Both Nvidia and ATi's proprietary drivers require kernel support. They
will not release their kernel modifications or their user-space drivers
under an Open Source license.

I understand that source is only available (under a non-Open Source
license) for a kernel-mode "glue layer", not for the entire kernel
module, and not at all for the user-space.

(Besides, Fedora want to keep the Fedora kernel relatively close to
upstream. There's practically no chance that either Fedora or Linus
Torvalds would include functionality that could only realistically be
used by closed source programs. So even if Nvidia or ATi GPLed their
kernel support, this wouldn't help get it in the kernel).

Older ATi cards have Open Source 3D acceleration, so this *is* included.
I understand that Intel graphics have Open Source drivers, and most
adapters have working 2D acceleration.


Hope this helps,

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