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Re: booting gets stuck when starting PCMCIA

Jeff Vian:

>> Use the interactive startup ...  Press i when the prompt appears, then
>> skip the pcmcia part.

Timothy Murphy:

> I've occasionally tried this as an experiment,
> but never managed to get it to work on my Sony Picturebook laptop.
> I've tried "i" and "I" but neither seems to have any effect.
> Incidentally, what exactly does one do if it does work?

Figuring out what moment to press the key seems to be a black art, and
it always seems to be that it notices you've pressed the key too late
for whatever issue you had a problem with.

When it works, you get to say "yes" or "no" to each process that would
start up as you boot (all the parts that have the [failed] or [ok] lines
as it normally boots up).  Once you've had enough of playing boot-up
demigod, you can "continue" on booting with the normal boot sequence
(what's normally started up, will start up, when its turn comes along).

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