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RE: Painter IX

On Thursday, September 22, 2005 10:03 AM Tarjei Knapstad said:
>> On Wed, 2005-09-21 at 19:12, Henry Hartley wrote:
>> > Does anyone know of software similar to Corel Painter that runs
>> > on Linux?  For a while Corel was pushing Linux but not any more.
>> I'm not familiar with Corel Painter, but first off have you tried
>> installing and running it under Wine?
>> Other than that, ArtRage is a free and quite good paint program
>> that works great under Wine:
>> http://www.ambientdesign.com/artrage.html

I don't currently have a copy of Painter and there is not much
information about it on winehq.org.  I'll download their 30-day trial
package and give it a shot.  

ArtRage does indeed seem to do what I want (here at work on WinXP).  I'd
prefer a native application but if it works, I'll use it.  I'll try it
at home on FC/Wine and compare it with Painter and decide if Corel can
justify their $400 price tag (unlikely for my casual use).  Thanks.


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