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Re: Newbie PPC Core 4 questions

Tim wrote:
Michael A. Peters:

I can't believe OO.o is a gig all by itself - maybe with all the
language packs installed, but not by itself with just a few language
packs installed.

Mike McCarty:

Believe what you like...

$ du -s /usr/lib/* | sort -gr | head
973988  /usr/lib/ooo-1.1

I tend to believe Michael.  Open Office with knobs on might be
extensive, but it doesn't need to be 1 gig.  It depends on what you want
from it:

du -s /usr/lib/* | sort -gr | head
241172  /usr/lib/openoffice.org2.0


I think that my point still stands, and that you support it.
1/4 of a Gig for a single app is still a lot. Add a few more, and
FC is getting cramped in 10 G of disc, which is what I was

I don't want to get into an argument over whether any one particular
app can be pared down.

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