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Re: Move directory from one partition/device to another

James Wilkinson wrote:
Cameron Beattie wrote:

Actually, I'm not convinced /etc/fstab is the biggest problem. The big
problem is init (the first process on a Unix-like system and the
ultimate parent of everything else), which wants to read /etc/inittab.
Linux assumes that they will be on the root filesystem.

You'd probably want to mess around with this on a scratch filesystem.

I'm a little at a loss to explain this thread's existence.

# du -hs /etc
61M     /etc
# exit

Ok, it makes sense to move /home or /tmp to another disc, but
who cares about /etc? It's less than 100M on my machine.


There might be some value in all this for certain security-oriented
systems: If /home, /tmp/, /var, /dev, and /etc are mounted from separate
filesystems [1], everything else should be mountable read-only. This
should minimise the chances of root filesystem errors, and the chance
that anyone can install rootkits.


[1] You may want to do something about root's home directory, too.

As a learning experience (as you mentioned in some stuff I snipped)
it would (maybe) be fun for some people. But I think that not much
extra security would be the outcome.

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