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Re: is there a package that will remotely run a unix command from a windows box?


>> PuTTY's just one small program, as one small file, to run on Windows
>> (without any installation required).  Cygwin, on the other hand, is a
>> whole slew of functions that need installing and running on Windows,
>> a rather large collection of files, giving you a unix-like
>> environment running on the PC.

Les Mikesell:

> There is a handy installer at www.cygwin.com that does all the work
> for you.

Though you still have to download quite a lot of files, and fill a fair
bit of drive space up.  And you're still running within the dire
environment of Windows.

> If you are going to run bash scripts, you'll need all the
> utility programs that you expect to have available.

If you're using a Linux box remotely, all of that is on the Linux box,
though.  All you need is the interface to it.

It rather depends on what you're trying to do.  If you just need remote
CLI access to the Linux box, then PuTTY is simple and effective.  But if
you need to pretend that your Windows box is a Unix box, and do some
things on it locally, then Cygwin is probably the way to go.

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