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Re: Thinkpad T42 Display

Matthew Saltzman wrote:

This may be a regression on FC4 then.  On FC2, my T42 (graphics
identifies as Mobility Radeon 9600 M10 -- not sure if this is
standard for all T42s or whether different "models" may have
different video), holding Fn (function key) and pressing F7 toggles
among 1) laptop display only 2) external connector only and 3) both
(but I forget the order of this sequence 1,2,3 or 1,3,2).  So
if FC4 won't toggle and it's the same video, then something has
regressed.  I'll find out when I put up FC4 on the machine.

Yes, this is a known regression in x.org as compared to the last XFree86. I don't know where fixing it stands on x.org's priority list.

Actually, Fedora Core 2 says "xorg-X11-6.7.0-14" so it appears that
either it is a regression at xorg itself, or that Fedora Core 2 had
a patch to fix it that has been omitted from Fedora Core 4.

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