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Re: Migrating a NIS Server

On Thursday 22 September 2005 16:37, Brian D. McGrew wrote:
> I have a single NIS master server that's currently residing on a Sun
> E450 running Solaris 8 and I want to migrate it over to my FC4 machine.
> Can someone point me to a HOWTO or give me some quick help on how to do
> this safely?
Well, first off, if you have any sun slaves on there then simply don't. Same 
with HP-UX - AIX seems to do file with a Linux master... Problems range from 
corrupt dbs on slave servers to users not able to change passwords to random 
login issues. 

If your new master is currently a client You can also try just running a ypcat 
and append that to the end of the existing password/group/hosts/whatever 
Otherwise just copy over the files you're currently generating maps from to 
the new master in some temporary directiory. with the password & group file 
just make sure you cut off the system accounts at the beginning of the 

Make sure you change groups if nessecary and if you need uid/gid < 100 
published (i.e. HP-UX uses 20 as users group) you'll need to modify 
your /var/yp/Makefile. 


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