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Re: Configuring xorg on FC4

Joseph D. Wagner wrote:

Ever since I installed the lasted xorg updates, I have been unable to start xorg.  It goes to a black screen, and then my monitor goes to standby.  I've seen this before, and I'm sure all I have to do is reconfigure xorg.

However, I have been unable to find xorgconfig or hwd on my system.  Does anyone know what packages they are in, or where they should be installed on my system?


Joseph D. Wagner

Intel P3 650 MHz
Intel 810 Chipset
PCI ATI Raedon 9200 128MB
No AGP Slots

system-config-display is the program that reconfigures your display and videocard. If you want to start with a clean slate for configuration the --reconfig option to system-config-display will start with a from scratch configuration.

I tried xorg-x11 on an Intel 815 and needed to reboot in order for X to work. Just after updating and before rebooting, X would show a bunch of stripes up and downward. After reboot, it worked as the previous version did that killed Intel 830 and above cards.

Are you describing that you have both an Intel 810 onboard card and a Radeon PCI videocard? Have you hooked monitors to both cards?

In my experience with the Intel builtin card and another PCI videocard, the memory allocation for the Intel and radeon PCI cards did not allocate memory ranges correctly for each card. Even though the PCI card had its own builtin memory, it would try to use shared memory instead of builtin memory from the PCI card. This limited the Intel to low resolutions, like 800x600.

Anyway, if your builtin video card is the Intel 810 and not just a videocard that uses the i810 driver. (810 through 915) this bug might need to be reported. The 810 uses shared memory and might have a glitch in the present state of the driver. (more Intel cards added to the supported area)

If this is the case, what does the Intel card do when it is the only card in the system? Physically removing the PCI card might be needed to test the Intel independently. The presence of the PCI card might influence the builtin card configuration.

Hopefully, system-config-display --reconfig as root in a terminal fixes your problem.


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