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Re: Important information regarding latest Xorg update packages

Jeff Spaleta wrote:

Please Note: On my system, this bug completely hosed X. I had to boot with 3 in the boot command to come up in run level 3 and manually delete the packages and update to the new packages.

In trying to figure it out myself i saw the script error and did the delete --noscripts just guessing.

The other odd behavior is that update decided it needed to install ati-fglrx from livna. I am not sure why. That resulted in a boot time error looking for the kernel module. I suspect there are some dependency issues going on.

At least get the word out that this is recoverable. However users that rely on a single Linux box, may not be able to get their systems running well enough to view mail or web pages to find out how to fix this. This is most unfortunate.


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