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Re: Several issues

Mark Jordan wrote:

Ok, some separate issues:

1) Sometimes my OpenOffice just quits within a minute  a la  just
going *poof* on an i386 FC4 machine (Pentium III). I have posted this
as an openoffice issue but I wondered if anyone here had any
experience with this maybe with another problem, so if this might be
an FC4 problem.

2) I have a Freecom Classic Series cd burner and I just can't get
fedora to talk to it. It's on USB (external). Any ideas appreciated

3) I have a Lexmark Z25 printer but FC4 doesn't have a driver for it.
Linux detects it as such perfectly. Is there one?
Pretty well known that lexmark has not been helpful in getting drivers, but try http://linuxprinting.org

And finally, ...

4) What does the HAL dæmon do? Report error messages? <-- idle curiosity

Sorry for all the questions. Feel free to get annoyed at me.



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