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Re: Updating kernel on Installation CD

It's not in bugzilla, it's probably a "feature request". FC4 doesn't
enable the APIC kernel params required for my system.  Also, the
driver for the dac960 may not be included in FC4's installation
modules??? (I think it's listed as de-supported in release notes for
FC1 or 2) All I know is that from RH 8.0 and beyond, the installation
screen blanks and bootup stops shortly after the kernel starts loading
from cdrom.  RH 7.3 and earlier installs just fine though.

This URL describes a fix for DAC960 problems:

Someone suggested I try CentOS, I'll look into that.

Brian Hayward

On 9/22/05, John Mahowald <jpmahowald gmail com> wrote:
> On 9/22/05, Brian Hayward <bhayward gmail com> wrote:
> > It's hard to tell from the URL, but are you saying they added the fix
> > for the APIC problem?
> >From the site: updated as of Sept 14, and 2.6.12 kernel. May solve
> some install problems.
> Is there a bug at bugzilla.redhat.com for your issue?
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