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Re: Migrating a NIS Server


> I have a single NIS master server that's currently residing on a Sun
> E450 running Solaris 8 and I want to migrate it over to my FC4 machine.
> Can someone point me to a HOWTO or give me some quick help on how to do
> this safely?

I migrated a Solaris 8 NIS+ master to plain files using the following

/usr/lib/nis/nisaddent -d passwd >passwd

This command can be used with the following tables: aliases bootparams
ethers group hosts ipnodes netgroup netid netmasks networks passwd
protocols publickey rpc services shadow timezone auth_attr exec_attr
prof_attr user_attr audit_user

To migrate auto_home and auto_master, I executed the following command:
/usr/bin/niscat -v auto_home.nis.domain.com >auto_master

After that you will have the plain files associated with the NIS+ tables
and you only must follow the instruction of the NIS-HOWTO


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