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Re: Getting the error when booting to init 5 "error while loading shared libraries libjpeg.so.62" on FC3

> After running ldconfig ,I rebooted the system into init 5 level.But
> again the same problem it is not booting into the init 5 by default.If I
> boot into the init 3 level from there I can login into init 5 level but
> the background color is white and I am not able to change the background
> image/color.Moreover after getting into the init 5 level from init 3
> level by giving "startx" command at the command prompt these errors comes
> "Failed to Load image redhat-spreadsheet.img .
> Details: Unrecognized image file format".


[root sith ~]$ locate redhat-spreadsheet.img
[root sith ~]$ locate redhat-spreadsheet
/usr/share/icons/Bluecurve/36x36/apps/redhat- spreadsheet.png

Where does redhat-spreadsheet.img come from?

sorry it is redhat-spreadsheet.png 

> This errors comes for Open Office Writer,SpreadSheet,Evolution etc means
> all the icons on the panel.
> I check the logs and  errors like these were there "Could not recognize
> the image file format for file
> '/usr/share/icons/Bluecurve/48X48/Stock/gtk- dialog-error.png.
> Any pointer how to solve the problem.

[root sith ~]$ rpm -qf `locate redhat-spreadsheet.png|head -n 1`
[root sith ~]$ rpm -qf `locate gtk-dialog-error.png`

maybe you have to reinstall the redhat-artwork package, too...

I reinstalled the redhat-artwork package but still the problem persists.

a) No login screen if the init 5 is the default level.The system don't go further when it tries to mount local filesystem quota (shows up while booting the linux).

b) from init 3 level to init 5 level the xwindows is running except  the background color is white  and few .png images are not getting loaded.

Thanks & Regards

     Ankush Grover

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