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Re: FC3 full backup and restore options

Mike Pepe wrote:
Hi listers,

I'm converting my FC3 box from software to hardware RAID and changing out some dead disks.

I don't want to reinstall. Here's what I was thinking of doing- if anyone has any comments or suggetions ("yes that works","I tried that and it didn't work", etc) I'd love to hear them.

1: Boot off rescue CD
2: change into the /mnt/sysimage directory to get to my root filesystem
3: tar the contents onto a physical tape and/or external USB disk
4: shut down, install hardware RAID card, power up, format RAID arrays
5: boot off rescue CD again, partition the RAID disks and create new filesystems, mount new structure under /mnt/sysimage
6: untar backup into new directory structure
7: boot off GRUB floppy, reinstall GRUB
8: hope machine boots after all this

Comments anyone?

Thanks all, your suggestions were helpful and I was able to restore the system without any major incidents!


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