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Re: /etc/rc.d gone!

Mike McCarty wrote:
Tony Nelson wrote:
At 7:44 PM +0300 9/23/05, Bogdan-Stefan Rotariu wrote:

Andrew B. Young wrote:

Yesterday my FC3 system crashed and will now only boot to run level 0.
The / directory only mounts as read-only.
And /etc/rc.d is gone!

I am looking for any thoughts whatsoever.


you could get and install initscripts-*

The OP might need a bit more instructions here on how to do this when his
machine only boots to runlevel 0.  With / read-only, it will be hard to
install anything.

I'd suggest checking the disk and the filesystem using the rescue CD, and
maybe reinstalling the OS, but what do I know.

IMO, you know a lot, Tony. I've been impressed with the quality of your

I'd try a rescue disc (like Knoppix, e.g.) and see if I couldn't
mount that and restore /etc from a backup.

As Tony said, you should fsck your harddrive(s) to check for errors, and if no errors found you, should better try the FC3 rescue disc or the CD1/DVD of FC3, and mount it read/write. Then download the initscripts RPM for fc3 and move it to /mnt/sysimage (where your actually linux will be) and chroot /mnt/sysimage. Installing it (i think will need to be force(
rpm -ivh initscripts-* --force --nodeps ...

hope that helps you

Bogdan-Stefan Rotariu
Senior Network Administrator
Alterox Sistem, Suceava

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