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RE: /etc/rc.d gone!

Before going off the deep end, when you come up to level 0, what filesystems are actually mounted. You might be looking at the initrd filesystem used to boot the machine up, and not your real root filesystem. Type mount or df or something that will show you what you're really looking at.

It may be that your real root filesystem has some sort of error that kept it from being mounted in the first place. Running fsck may bring things right and allow the next boot to run more smoothly.

Of course, you may be looking at your real root, and everything is toasted. But the mount command response will tell you that, which could greatly change the method of your assault on the problem. 

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Andrew B. Young wrote:
> Yesterday my FC3 system crashed and will now only boot to run level 0.
> The / directory only mounts as read-only.
> And /etc/rc.d is gone!
> I am looking for any thoughts whatsoever.
> tx,andyy
you could get and install initscripts-*

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