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Help with Fedora Core 4 PowerPC install

I am (still) trying to install Fedora Core 4 on my Mac G4 PowerBook, PowerPC
chip, 1 GHz RAM, 80G HD, dual-partitioned with Mac OS X. I wiped the drive,
created a partition of 40G for Mac HD OS X, did the OS X install, formatted
the remaining space on the drive as 'free space' on the understanding that
the auto-partitioner in FC4 would find it and use it.

I ordered the CD set from linuxcentral and have verified that the media is

I boot from CD 1 and have tried the following:

1. Just hitting return to start a GUI install

2. linux text (to start a text install)

3. linux nofb (to start a GUI install without a frame-buffer in case it was
not recognizing video)

4. linux resolution=1440 x 900 (in case it was having a problem recognizing
the monitor)

What happens with all of these attempts is the install starts from CD 1 and
I note two things as the text scrolls by:

A) It's seeing my USB mouse as a PS-2 mouse, which is not correct.

B) It's telling me that the monitor is not recognizable/recognized.

If anyone has any ideas, I'm wide open to suggestions on or off-list
(boettiger pobox com).

As a last resort I'll probably end up paying someone for some phone time,
but would rather avoid it if possible.

Thanks for any ideas!


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