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Re: Registering my FC 4 trouble

Torben Andersen wrote:
> I'm facing trouble registering my FC4 with rhn_register, but it worked 
> before upgrading (from FC3). I've tried with my old RH login, but 
> returnes to the 1. login page.  Instead trying a new account, I 
> regardless of choice of username and password get:
>   Erro Class Code: 2
>   Error Class Info: Invalid username and password combination.
> And the shell also reports an error:
>   An error has occurred:
>   Needs registration.extendedPackageProfile but server does not support 
> that capabilitie
> As a result: the update icon keeps beeing blue, though updates are 
> available. Also it dosn't give me Athlon kernels as no hardware 
> information are sent.

FC4 doesn't use RHN for updates. Most people find yum to work better for
them. The update icon is known to be broken.

And there are no Athlon-specific kernels any more. The Athlon is *very*
good at re-ordering programs (and kernels) the way it wants, so there's
no inherent performance advantage. And the few areas where an Athlon
likes to be configured differently are now detected at run-time: the
support is in the normal i686 kernel.

Hope this helps,

E-mail address: james | "When the revolution comes, we'll need a longer wall."
@westexe.demon.co.uk  |     -- Tom De Mulder

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