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Re: Mono and Beagle

Norman Nunn wrote:

I have not been able to get beagle to run on an up-to-date FC4 system, with latest kernel. The indexing does not work. I have gotten mono and tomboy with other applications to run fine. Web search indicates that an inotify enabled kernel (kernel-desktop-2.6.12-1.1398) is needed. Has anyone got beagle to run without that kernel and how. Has anyone used that kernel with the current FC4 system. Input would be appreciated before I give it a try.


Yes, I have, but using standard FC4 (and also an FC3) kernels. I first ran Beagle 0.0.12 - I documented the installation & user experience here:


I recently updated to Beagle 0.1.0, trying both the rpms from nrpms and compiling from CVS. While Beagle is fragile, I did get it to work by excluding one of it's components, the indexing and retrieval of Evolution Contacts & Calendar. Starting beagle with:

beagled --deny-backend EvolutionDataServer

should work. Beagle will respond

"inotify_init: Function not implemented

Inotify not supported!  You need a 2.6.13 kernel or later with CONFIG_INOTIFY enabled."

But this is just a warning, not a hard error.

Inotify lets Beagle know about file changes in real-time.  You don't need to use it - Beagle will work without it.
The current development kernel has enough dependencies that you'll probably end up with more trouble then its worth trying to install it - but I'd be happy to hear your experience.

Sean Carlos

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