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Re: Fwd: Failure to install FC4 onto Celeron D 331 based system

| From: Fennix <cn stefan gmail com>

[It is a good idea to only send plain text messages to a mailing list.
Don't send HTML.]

| I have some trouble to install Redhat's Fedora core 4 product onto the
| computer here. I have been doing a lot of looking on the Internet but have
| no results to helping to accomplish this. This computer has a Onda 910glm
| mother board with 512mb RAM, Intel Celeron D 331 (LGA775 socket package).
| S-ATA 120 Gb Maxtor hd, AMI BIOS (Ver. 08.00.11, build 02/24/05, ID:
| I915V10M).

A good and useful description of the hardware.

| I boot from the CD to the main start screen and <ENTER> to
| continue. Vmlinuz installs and probes the drives. Then I get error message
| "Cannot open root device "NULL" or unknown block (3,2)....Kernel panic -
| unable to mount root FS....

It would be better if you included more of the messages.

| I am trying the x86_64 version (I also DL'ed the i386 version as well which
| also fails to install). So now still stuck with WinXP (X64 Edition) until I
| can solve this somehow.....

Google is your friend.

I don't have this board or experience with anything much like it, but
I did find a lot by doing a google query for your message.

	"cannot open root device" "null" "or unknown block"

Several were redhat bugzilla entries.  I scanned a few quickly.  This
one looks as if it contains a workaround.  And (later) an offer of a
new boot.iso.  Try it.  If they don't work, read some more.


| Does The basic Fedora Core 4 support the 64 bit Celeron D? Or will I need to
| wait until FC5 is released? ..Perhaps the issue is something else again....

I cannot imagine that FC4 fails to support Celeron D.  But installer
bugs are something that cannot easily be fixed by updates.  If all
else fails, try FC3 -- it ought to have a different collection of
installer bugs.

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