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Re: Inel Wireless 2915ABG & FC4 on Dell Inspiron 9300

D. Hugh Redelmeier wrote:
| From: Linux <linux strigen com>

| Scot L. Harris wrote:

| I think all is installed, but in the /var/log Messages I can see the
| following, looks like something goes wrong.

| Sep 22 22:23:34 localhost kernel: ipw2200: ipw-2.2-boot.fw load failed: Reason
| -2

Hints for problem solving:
- read the log to see where things first appear to go wrong
- google for the message(s)

All good suggestions, also a tip, use the command perror to find out
what an error number means. Example:

wolfgang(pts/5)$ perror 2
Error code   2:  No such file or directory

You don't use the '-' in front of the number.
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