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Re: Installation Problem on Dell Dimension 5100 EM64T

| From: Amar Singh <amarsingh_27 yahoo com>

| I am again putting the same mail anticipating some
| help.

If you repeat the same question so quickly, you should expect the same

| I downloaded the iso images of Fedora Core-4 (64 bits)
| and installed it on 
| Dell Dimension 5100 EM64T (64 bits)
| Now, when I start the computer, everything goes fine
| but after entering the user name and password the
| computer hangs up and stops responding.

There is way too little information in your message.  It is unlikely
that anyone could guess at your problem.

Try to do a console login.  That way you can see more of what is
happening and should be able to report more precisely what is hanging.

In other words, boot into init level 3.  I never remember how to do
this and the man pages are pretty hard to understand.  See the init(8)
section "BOOTFLAGS".  ("init(8)" is the UNIX/Linux way of referring to the 
manual page for init in section 8 of "the manual"; type "man 8 init" to 
see it.)

1. during boot, get grub to give you a menu by hitting "any character"
   when it asks you.

2. move the the right menu entry [you are probably already there]

3. press "e" to request editing of the entry (does not change the on
   disk copy)

4. move to the line that begins with "kernel"

5. press "e" to request editing of the actual line

6. go to the end of the line; use backspace to remove "rhgb quiet"

7. type "3" to signify initlevel 3

8. type the ENTER key to end editing

9. press "b" to tell grub to boot using your modified entry

Be observant.  Report what you see.  Google for things that report
similar errors.

If initlevel 3 isn't helpful, try single user mode (init level s).

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