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Re: Help Please ........ RHEL 3.0 AS no keyboard and mouse (USB)

Am So, den 25.09.2005 schrieb Harikumar Krishnan um 9:40:

>                       Having tried some free linux versions earlier i
> decided to try RHEL 3.0 .  Well my usb mouse and even keyboard is not
> working even during install.... So watsed a lot of time trying to
> recover the mouse or keyboard , afterwhich i managed to do a kickstart
> full install...  Now the same situation after install... Cannot try
> any other thngs by booting into system cause i dont have a ps/2
> keyboard... So booted to my FC4 partition and mounted the partition
> and found the       /var/log/dmesg         to  notice that catually
> these things are detected correctly but theres some other problem....
> heres that part of dmesg...

Please ask your RHEL3 question on the Taroon list, or even ask the Red
Hat support - you payed for it. Thanks.


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