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Re: Fedora 4 Firefox strange behaviour:

On Sun, 2005-09-25 at 13:17 +0100, Mirco Scara wrote:
> I tried to download rpm packages several times from several different
> websites such as nrpms or adobe.com and others using Firefox 1.0.6 but
> when I click on to the rpm link which should usually start the
> download instead firefox attempts to open and download the file using
> Real Player.
> Is there any particular settings I can reset to change this behaviour?

I don't think you change change Firefox's handling of files by filename,
as it's against how MIME is supposed to work (the browser believes the
*description* provided by the server, NO MATTER WHAT).

The problem is with the server presuming that all .rpm files are Real
Media files, instead of being reconfigured to send .rpm archive files
with the right MIME declaration.

Right-clicking and manually electing to save the file is just about the
only reliable thing you can do.  But it's not completely reliable,
sometimes what you think is a link to download a file is a click-through
to another page that downloads it.  One of the Australian Fedora mirrors
is useless because they do that.

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