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Re: dhclient and dynamic DNS examples

On Sat, 2005-09-17 at 07:06 -0800, Noah wrote:

> somebody please point me to proper configuration of dhclient so it can
> properly handle dynamic DNS updates.  Also I will need to see the
> configuration of the server side as well.

Did you solve this yet?  I haven't (yet) configured a DHCP client on
Fedora, but I have successfully done a server (with it updating my local
DNS server).

Last time I used Red Hat Linux letting DHCP set its networking
parameters, it got assigned an IP and told which DNS server IPs to use,
alright; without me having to do anything to it.  Hostnames didn't get
set, though.  They carried on using whatever hostname was already preset
on the box, and nothing else knew it (neither the DHCP or DNS servers).

Playing with Knoppix and SuSe live Linux distros, they gave their own
hostnames to the DHCP server, and it used them.  Windows does the same.
Again, none of them requiring anything of me (other than to not assign
addresses manually).

I generally don't use DHCP with my own PCs, that's for visiting guests.
So I've not looked into setting my /etc/dhclient.conf files up.  I'll be
doing that in the next day or so as I'm doing some server experiments.

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