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Re: fedora and GNU GRUB

Gregorio Canelos wrote:

Hello Everyone,

I'm new to fedora core 4 and this list. I got my hands dirty pretty fast, and now I can't get the dirt off...... That is, I somehow ended up in the GRUB command-line after rebooting, after an uninstall of rehmudi packages. I don't know GRUB and can't really follow the GRUB how-to's. . . What's the command to boot up with the linux partition?


If you boot from the rescue disc, it should find your installation. If it finds your Fedora installation, it should mount your installation as /mnt/sysimage and if you have a seperate /boot partition, it will be mounted as /mnt/sysimage/boot. You will be directed by a prompt to run the chroot program with the directory argument as /mnt/sysimage. This will change your directory path to / for /mnt/sysimage and the //mnt/sysimage/boot partition will be /boot. Anyway, you should have the environment of your Fedora installation and can run commands to recover/ reinstall grub to a working stage. If you have ATA drives, running the below command should reinstall grub and get you to where you can boot your system and grub is installed correctly.
grub-install /dev/hda
This installs grub to your Master Boot Record where grub is usually installed.

If I misunderstood your problem, please post more details related to your failure. (Hard drive type, steps taken to install Fedora and how you attempted to uninstall the other programs.)


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