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Auto-activate Bluetooth mouse when available?

Hi all,

I just got an Acer Ferrari laptop, installed FC4 x86_64 & updated it.
Now I'm trying to automate the activation of the Bluetooth mouse. To add
a twist the laptop has a button which enables/disables the Bluetooth
functionality. During boot Bluetooth is disabled by default.

What I am trying to accomplish: any time I press the Bluetooth button
the appropriate Bluetooth modules are loaded together with other actions
required to activate the mouse so I can use the mouse in the console
(with the gpm service) or in X.

Results so far:
With a little help from Google I found out that to activate Bluetooth I
put these lines in /etc/modprobe.conf:
install hci_usb /etc/rc.d/init.d/bluetooth start ; \
/sbin/modprobe -v --ignore-install -i hci_usb
remove hci_usb /etc/rc.d/init.d/bluetooth stop ; \
/sbin/modprobe -v --ignore-remove -r hci_usb

This works but does not give me a working mouse. To activate the mouse I
need to:
1) press the button on the back of the mouse
2) /usr/bin/hidd --search or /usr/bin/hidd --connect 00:11:22:33:44:55
If all goes well it activates the mouse and the mouse works but *only*
when I am in a console. If I am in X and do steps 1 & 2 then it will not
result in a working mouse although hidd does find it. If I activated the
mouse in the console and then do startx the mouse works fine in X.

Does anyone have an idea how I automate this? Preferably without each
time having to press the button on the back of the mouse. So pair the
mouse once and from then on do something that activates the mouse
automagically both in the console and X whenever it becomes available?
Sort of how a certain OS from the dark side handles it :)

Any pointers most appreciated!

Thanks and regards,

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