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Re: different SSH/keychain behavior on Fedora Core 4?

Am Mo, den 12.09.2005 schrieb Kanwar Ranbir Sandhu um 1:25:
> On Tue, 2005-06-09 at 18:31 -0700, Cameron Mura wrote:

> > I realize that this may be more of an SSH question than an actual Fedora 
> > issue, but still I'm wondering if anyone's seen any similar behavior, 
> > are aware of any changes in default SSH behavior/configuration between 
> > FC3 and FC4, or otherwise have any clue about this behavior?
> I've had the same issue, and started a thread about it several weeks
> ago.  Search this mailing list for a thread with the following subject:
> Keychain works on tty, but not in Gnome
> Hopefully that answers your questions.

> Ranbir

Did you both try out the keychain package I maintain within Fedora
Extras? It has an opt-in feature the upstream version does not have and
it should behave perfect whether on console or under X. Please read the
README.Fedora file the package comes with, as it tell how to activate
the opt-in and how to customize.


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