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Re: tech.q: FC4 install hangs right after graphical Anaconda starts - any hints?

Frantisek Rysanek wrote:
> the subject says it all - the graphical Anaconda hangs just 
> after the Xserver starts (with the mouse cursor moving) and 
> the GUI gets displayed.
> Even while the widgets are being rendered for the first time, 
> the system is alive (NumLock works, mouse cursor arrow moves). 
> But, just after the "Welcome to Fedora" screen becomes fully 
> rendered, NumLock stops responding and the mouse stops moving.
> The machine is a P4 Celeron at 1.7, in an original Intel 
> desktop board based on i845 (Phoenix BIOS). The graphics board 
> is an S3 Trio 64V+. The original memory size was 256 MB,
> I tried upgrading it to 750 MB to no avail.
> The keyboard and mouse are both generic PS/2 types, inserted 
> into their respective sockets.
> Generally all the hardware is "known good", works just fine in
> RH8.0 with various vanilla 2.4 kernels.
> Any quick hints are welcome :-)

Boot into text mode (http://www.fedorafaq.org/basics/#textonly) and
check that boots correctly?

Then use yum to install the latest updates?

Then reboot into text mode and use startx to get into X?

Hope this helps,


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