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Re: Is anyone packaging spamassassin-3.1.0 for FC3?

Am Mo, den 26.09.2005 schrieb James Kosin um 16:43:

> Alexander,

Hi James!

> Do you know of a good place that has documentation on how to setup a
> milter (that may come with FC1) with spamassassin?
> I've looked; but, I thought FC1 had support for SpamAssassin out of
> the box for the mail servers; or is that just with ProcMail?

> James Kosin

As SpamAssassin itself does not come with a milter you need a helper.
Fedora Extras has for the current releases (FC3 and FC4) the
spamass-milter packaged. (Shouldn't be that hard to rpmbuild from
src.rpm for legacy FC1.) A milter application I highly recommend is
MimeDefang (www.mimedefang.org). It can do a lot more than just hook in
SA, just by few adjustments in the filter file using Perl code. The
mailinglist and the MD Wiki has a lot of very useful information.
MimeDefang does its own SpamAssassin calls and uses strategies to avoid
the known downsides of SA being a resource hog.
Using the LDA Procmail isn't that much recommended on more busy mail
servers and it is less efficient (at least be sure that if using
Procmail to make use of spamc / spamd and not calling spamassassin
Sorry, I have no real documentation hint for you. Pages you might look
over are:




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