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Failed FC4 SATA Install

Hi All,

I'm trying to do my first FC4 install on a SATA drive/machine.  All is not
going well.

I have been right through the installation several times, with various
combinations of automatic and manual disc partitioning schemes, but they
all seem to bomb out with the following logs:

   * moving (1) to step fixupconditionals
   * moving (1) to step checkdeps
   * moving (1) to step confirminstall

   <6>kjournald starting.  Commit interval 5 seconds
   <4>EXT3-fs warning: mounting fs with errors, running e2fsck is recommended
   <6>EXT3 FS on hda1, internal journal
   <6>EXT3-fs: mounted filesystem with ordered data mode
   <6>SELinux: initialised (dev hda1, type ext3), uses xattr
   <6>attempt to access beyond end of device
   <6>hda1: rw=0, want 524360, limit 208782
   <2>EXT3-fs error (device hda1): ext3_get_inode_loc: unable to read inode
      block inode=32769, block=65544
   <3>Aborting journal on device hda1
   <4>inode_doinit_with_dentry:  getxattr returned 5 for dev=hda1 ino=32769

Any clues as to what to try next ?


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