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Re: Linux-compatible webcam recommendations invited

David Becker wrote:

Reshat Sabiq wrote:
I also have a working Philips webcam (PCVC740K). Microphone is
recognized, it works in Gnomemeeting and I also use it with 'motion'.
The drivers used to a bit of a hassle, especially the decompressor
routines, but support has increased at http://www.saillard.org/linux/pwc/

You'll probably not be able to find this webcam anymore, at least not
new. Bear in mind that the advertised 1280x960 is interpolated and I've
only got this resolution in Windows. I even suspect the 640x480 to be
interpolated, but I'm not sure. In Windows I can get a maximum of 60fps
(at low resolutions). In linux the max is 30fps.

You may also want to pay attention to whether the webcam is CCD or CMOS
based. This Philips is CCD based, has a somewhat higher light
sensitivity than comparable CMOS based webcams and this particular model
is apparently much appreciated for astro photography (something I'd like
to try out one of these days).


I got STX webcam to work, which should save me about $90 on 2 webcams, in comparison to what it would have cost w/ Pro 4000. I'm not sure if Pro 4000's driver would have provided anymore features, but the essentials i need are there on STX: video and mic support. I think the 2 webcams have about the same features, so it's a good thing that STX works as well. The only difference is that STX requires spca driver, which means everytime the kernel is upgraded, it needs to be re-installed. Maybe one day it will be adopted by FC as well.

I'm not sure what the reason is, but FC3 and FC4 both had problems:
FC3: sound, but not mic
FC4 (including updates): mic, but not sound

But when i installed the latest alsa and sound-config rpms on top of FC4, sound started working, and mic was still working as well: so problem was solved.

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