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Re: error in local yum mirror; yum mirror best practices FIXED

On Mon, 26 Sep 2005, Antony Nguyen wrote:

> Hello,
> I try to be a good Netizen by running my own yum updates repository for 
> the 100+ servers I manage.  For the most part, it works properly:  I just 
> rsync one of the official yum repository mirrors and point all of my 
> machines to my local server.
> However, every once in a while, I'll get the following error on a machine 
> I'm trying to update:
> http://update/yum/Fedora/Extras/4/i386/repodata/primary.xml.gz: [Errno -1] 
> Metadata file does not match checksum

I found the problem.  I use the rsync '--size-only'[1] option when 
syncing the packages to cut down on the time it takes to update my local 
mirror.  This also uses less resources on the main yum repository.   
However, for the main metadata files, I have to let rsync do a full 
checksum comparison.  I removed this rsync option to sync the 'repodata' 
directory and everything works as expected now, since repomd.xml is 
correctly updated.

Here's a good resource on the yum metadata files:



[1] rpm does md5 checksumming of the internal cpio package,
so I should be safe from bad packages <knock on wood>

> ("update" is my local update server).  This usually only  happens with the 
> Extras repository.  I've tried removing this file and rsyc'ing against a 
> couple different yum repositories, but I still get this error.
> Is there a "best practices" methodology I should be following in order to 
> run my own yum mirror?  I'm assuming that there is a special case when 
> dealing with this metadata file and that I probably can't rely on a simple 
> rsync.
> Thanks,
> Tony 


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