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/etc/fonts/local.conf - oblique and italics

I was poking around my system, and I notices that Acrobat Reader for x86
has some rather nice otf fonts in it - of particular interest -


They look nicer imho than Courier New from the ms coreweb fonts, and
they have been updated to include the Euro (I don't believe Courier New
from ms coreweb has, and none of those fonts will be updated since MS
ended the program.)

I know how to tell the local.conf file to use Courier Std when Courier
New is specified in a document, but I don't know how to tell it to use
Oblique member of the family when italic member is specified. The
problem comes when printing a document (ie to file or paper), xft seems
to make a fake italic which is good enough for screen (but doesn't print
at all).

Any suggestions?

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