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RE: Upgrade from RH9 to FC4 and missing yum

On Mon, 2005-09-26 at 19:29 -0400, Hsin Wang wrote:

> Markku Kolkka said that I needed yum-2.3.2-7.noarch.rpm from FC4 disc
> 1.  I installed that and indeed everything works fine:  when I clicked
> the up2date button, it imported yum, and I got all the updated
> packages installed.  The only annoyance is that most of the packages
> were not signed with GPG signatures and I was prompted with the
> warnings a hundred of times.  I wish I knew how to turn them off.

Read the man file, and you'll find the information for modifying the
configuration to stop doing that.  Though, consider what you're doing
strongly!  Are you sure they're not signed?  I've found most to be.  The
usual problem is that you don't have the key installed, and the error
message being a bit cryptic.

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