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Re: Nut,usb and installation

Quoting david walcroft <david_walcroft yahoo com au>:

> Markku Kolkka wrote:
> Markku,
> [...]
>      you have been a great help but 'nut'is becoming to complicated and 
> confusing for me (Bi-Polar, Depression, etc) to get configured,its 
> actully depressing me working on it.It looks as if my powermate will 
> finish up as a power filter and not a ups. It says little for Linux 
> where one service (ups) takes 3> programmes,7> confifig files to get up 
> and running, the M$ jibe about Linux is built by geeks for geeks has a 
> gem of truth!!

The grass is not always greener on the M$ side of the fence!

When I connect my UPS to Windows XP Pro SP2 and reboot, the UPS gets shut down
during the startup process, so the system just cycles endlessly starting,
power, and restarting.  On another XP Pro system down the hall with a
different UPS, some process (trojan trying to rack up phone bills to a 1-900
p0rn number?) is attempting to use the serial port, so the UPS software won't

When something seems complicated and confusing, it probably means you are
lacking the appropriate background.  The design of NUT with the 
3 componments comes straight out of basic university courses in OS 
fundamentals.  You should consider reading one of the standard texts, such
as Andrew Tanenbaums's "Operating Systems. Design and Implementation".  
To read this book you may need to learn a bit of the "C" programming language,
which is handy for anyone who is serious about using linux.

Sure this is a serious investment of time and energy, but when you have
finished, things that seem complicated and confusing now will seem normal.
Be warned, however, that any good feelings you may have had about M$ will
probably disappear.  

George N. White III
Head of St. Margarets Bay, Nova Scotia

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