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Are kernel patch files available?

I am running an FC3 system, with
  $ uname -r

Now, I have downloaded and compiled the vanilla 2.6.9
Kernel source from kernel.org.

The question is ... can I get a source patch file that
upgrades from 2.6.9 ---> 2.6.9-1.667?

I see the SRPMS directory with Fedora's kernel source
RPM, but I am reluctant to download that through my
modem as well.

The reason I am wanting this is there seems to be a
problem with no SElinux context labels within the
/dev/shm & /dev/pts pseudo file-trees, causing
messages and failures to be spat out at me when
booting the kernel.org kernel.

Bear in mind that I've also unpacked the
initrd-2.6.9-1.667.img file, replaced the /lib/*.ko
files, and repacked it to a different file, and
altered grub.conf for all the above, and ensured my
modules got installed to a different /lib/modules

[the good news is that it continues and even starts
the X server allowing me to work "normally"].

Nick Bishop
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don't --force it.

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