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Re: Are kernel patch files available?

Am Di, den 27.09.2005 schrieb Nick Bishop um 22:35:

> I am running an FC3 system, with
>   $ uname -r
>   2.6.9-1.667
> Now, I have downloaded and compiled the vanilla 2.6.9
> Kernel source from kernel.org.

Any real good reason for running a kernel with bugs, misbehaviours and
even several security issues?

> The question is ... can I get a source patch file that
> upgrades from 2.6.9 ---> 2.6.9-1.667?
> I see the SRPMS directory with Fedora's kernel source
> RPM, but I am reluctant to download that through my
> modem as well.

To download the kernel src.rpm of the latest FC3 security update kernel
would have been the right choice. The release notes explain how to
handle that src.rpm. Using rpmbuild the right way patches the base
kernel tarball with the set of patches the Fedora kernel has.

Btw. the set of patches of the current FC3 kernel can be online viewed
through CVS web interface:


> Nick Bishop


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