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Re: Fwd: [Contributors] Microsoft Windows Is Offically Broken

On Tuesday 27 September 2005 17:15, Kenneth Porter wrote:
> --On Tuesday, September 27, 2005 9:57 AM -0600 Guy Fraser
> <guy incentre net> wrote:
> > Linux distributions need to get back to their roots if they
> > want to survive. They will hang on lingering with support
> > from only die hard fans, but like me after enough abuse they
> > will start loose interest too. It will take innovation and
> > listening to what the users expect and want, to re-invigorate
> > the user base if Linux distributions are to survive.
> You presume that all Linux users are alike, and that all distributions
> cater to all users. While it's nice to sell Linux to the masses to gain
> more hardware support, they've never been the core constituency.

The major differences may not be visable from a gui like Gnome or KDE, but 
they are very apparent for those who must administer complex systems. In fact 
this is where Linux has had the greatest impact.

Control of the system is complete with Linux, unlike MS systems, and this is 
not apparent unless you worked with these systems where unusual issues, or 
problems have arisen. On a Linux system terminal you can directly work on the 
system and programs as root without any controls form the operating system. 

Using the configuration gui's will allow a new or unskilled user to 
effectively manage a typical system.  Gui's also allows for faster 
administration, but, when a system is used for heavier technical use such as 
a server, gateway, firewall, etc., the need for complete  -> direct <-  
control makes linux a much more flexable and viable system to use.

As far as "die hard fans" are concerned the issue is more ease of use. Those 
who are skilled, myself included, actually find Linux easier to use and 

Another issue is the rapidity in which patches (especially security patches) 
are available. For any secured system this is a major issue.

For get "die hard fans" it is the most practical system available.

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