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Re: Fwd: [Contributors] Microsoft Windows Is Offically Broken

--On Tuesday, September 27, 2005 6:35 PM -0400 jludwig <wralphie comcast net> wrote:

Control of the system is complete with Linux, unlike MS systems, and this
is  not apparent unless you worked with these systems where unusual
issues, or  problems have arisen. On a Linux system terminal you can
directly work on the  system and programs as root without any controls
form the operating system.

Another issue is visibility. When something isn't working right, I can see all the code down to the bare hardware. (I'm of course excluding proprietary drivers such as nVidia's.) I can identify problems myself at the source level and the developers have been great about fixing the issue or accepting a patch and getting me up and running quickly.

Right now I'm coding in the MS world and I curse every time I run into the "source wall" of the OS or a proprietary driver for which I have no source, and can't do more than try to create a reproducible crash.

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