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Re: NFS Mount over a Specific Interface

Matt Roth wrote:
Apologies for the repost, but I flubbed the subject the first time...

Thank you for the response.

I should have been more specific in my original post. The multiple NICs are on the NFS client.

One NIC on the NFS client will be receiving HEAVY VoIP traffic and I want any NFS traffic to be offloaded to a separate NIC on the client, as shown:
          ________           ________
        _|        |_        |        |
       |e|        |e|       |        |
 VoIP  |t|   NFS  |t|  NFS  |  NFS   |
--------|h| Client |h|-------| Server |
       |0|        |1|       |        |
        -|________|-        |________|

I'm looking for a way to tell the mount command on the NFS client which interface to use. It defaults to the first active interface. I can easily swap interfaces and IPs around in the box to meet my goal, but I was looking for a more flexible solution.

You can't tell mount anything about interfaces. NFS uses IP to transmit data, it's up to the OS to determine how that data gets routed via network interfaces.

eth0 and eth1 need to be on different networks. The NFS server needs to be on the same network as eth1. All you need to do then is setup appropriate routing information for the two networks so traffic for each goes via the appropriate interface, and that will take care of it.

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