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how do you make the keyboard shortcuts work? (FC4)


Try as I might, I can't get any of the keyboard shortcuts to work that I
program into the "keyboard shortcuts" preferences Gnome GUI tool.  I can
do something like change the print screen shortcut to also require the
shift key to be pressed, but if I wanted to add a shortcut for something
to open the web browser, for instance, nothing happens.  Same goes for
things like volume controls, log out, etc.  Is there some trick to this?

I can see it accepting the keys, so the keyboard does actually do
something when I press the keys I've picked (extra function keys on a
fancy keyboard).  For example, I've tried the following, ineffectually:

Launch help browser <Shift><Control>w  (original setting, but does nothing)
Log out 0xdf (does nothing)
Lock screen <Control>Break (does nothing)
Search 0xe5 (does nothing)
E-mail 0xec (does nothing)
Launch web browser 0xb2 (does nothing)
... panel run app ... <Alt>F2 (this works)
Show panel menu <Alt>F1 (this works)
Take screenshot <Shift>Print (this works)
Run a terminal 0xeb (does nothing)

and so on...  Trying common keyboard keys, like control with F keys
doesn't work, for the above ones I've tried the extra special keys,

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