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non-ASCII error messages from gcc

On FC2 (and earlier RedHat) systems, error messages from gcc seem
to have been straight ASCII.  On a couple of FC4 systems, output
includes some non-ASCII characters; specifically, the characters
used for single quotes (previous ` and ') have been replaced by
something multi-byte.  (I base this claim on redirecting stderr
into a file and then displaying file contents with "od -c".)
The sequence that replaces ' displays okay, but the sequence that
replaces ` does not (appears as boldface u with umlaut).

My guess is that there's an environment variable somewhere that's
not getting set quite right; the man page for gcc seems to be
indicating that what gets produced for error messages is controlled
by environment variables LANG and LC_MESSAGES.  LC_MESSAGES is unset;
LANG is set to en_US.UTF-8.

Anyone know how to make the error messages display properly?

-- blm

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