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Re: cookies etc.,

On Wed, 2005-09-28 at 14:33 +0100, harry weston wrote:
> Using Fedora 4 with Firefox and Evoloution. Where are Temporary Internet
> files and Cookies stored and how does one view them and erase same when
> required.  Regards to all,  Harry.

Firefox's cache is a subdirectory inside your .mozilla/firefox/
directory.  You can clear it from within the program itself.

Evolution does something similar, as sub-directories inside
your .evolution directory.  And again, you use the program to remove
contents when needed.

This isn't Windows.  Files aren't secretly stashed, your files are in
your own homespace, in a structured manner, not splashed all over the
place.  Use the program to properly clear out its own files, rather than
blindly deleting stuff.  

If you're trying to hide what you've been up to, you're going to have to
do more than just delete files though, Fedora uses a journalling file
system, by default.  But if you just want to free up drive space, just
let the program clear things out itself.  You can set Firefox to only
use a small amount of drive space.  You can set Evolution to empty trash
periodically (which'll remove what you've marked to be deleted, but not
anything you want to keep).

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