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Wine: This May Help

I have never had much luck with Wine and I have found Crossover Office
to be - well - ponderous and I found sidenet to be "iffy."

That said, I have had an outstanding result with winetools. IE6
installed and runs flawlessly along with all the necessary plugins
including java and WMP. There are a host of other applications supported
as well.

The TRICK is to use an older version of wine. Of course, YMMV. Also, I
think that the winetools scripts created an alsa problem (which I fixed
by reinstalling alsa-libs). 

I tried the older wine source but it would not compile (possibly a GCC4

Winetools is here:

The 20050111 rpm (works for me in FC4) is here:

Once installed, it reminded me of exactly why I prefer FC. However,
there is the occasional web site that insists on IE with WMP and this
meets the challenge.

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