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Vague NFS problems

I am having some odd problems on an all-FC4 set of systems which I'm tempted to attribute to NFS.

1. Attempts to compile a large package stored on an NFS-mounted home directory threw gcc errrors which were clearly due to the file being corrupted when read from the server: odd unprintable characters in the error message which were not in the original file, for example.

2. I have a local yum archive mounted via NFS, and after doing the equivalent of the following via a script:

cp new-package.rpm /my-local-archive
createrepo my-local-archive
yum install new-package

yum complains that the package fails its checksum test. A second, immediate, manual "yum install new-package" works fine.

There's nothing definite or reproducible enough here to warrant a bugzilla entry, but has anyone seen anything like this before?

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