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Re: clean out /tmp?

Michael A. Peters wrote:
On Tue, 2005-09-27 at 09:48 +1200, Morgan Read wrote:

Is there a way to keeping my /tmp's cleaned out in FC?

Nothing in /tmp should be expected to survive a reboot.
In fact, some people like to run /tmp as a tempfs (temporary file
system) - only problem is, a tempfs can get full if you aren't careful.

But you can write an init script to delete it all at shutdown (or
startup). Or just do what I do - ignore it, if space ever gets tight -
then I boot into runlevel 3 and clear it (you don't want to clear it
with X running)

Then what about tmpwatch? Mine runs daily with 720 hours as the
parameter. Isn't this a problem?

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