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Re: win xp hm <-> fc4?!

Morgan Read wrote:

windoze xp home <-> fc4

This is realy basic - just one xover cable and two machines, just like to
mount the win share and see it on my desktop.

Is there an howto somewhere for this?  (I have looked.)  It must be soooo
common.  Is there someone who's done it can give me a quick run down?

I've got ping going (but, how to change win box to something sensible like

It's so long I've touched windoze that it's as much about windoze set up as fc4.

Re fc4:
- What daemons do I need - just for seeing win share do I need smbd/nmbd?
Or, will just netfs do?
- I'd prefer to just use the gui tools - what do I fill in to "Connect to
Server" under the Places menu?

Re windoze:
- How do I avoid all those wizards and get to the guts, and once there what
do I do?
- It keeps telling me the network connection is bad due to not getting any
info over the network, I assume this doesn't matter as all I want is to set
a couple of static IP addy's?
- What corresponds on the xp box with the "Connect to Server" window (e.g.
it has no field for 'workgroup'...)?

Assuming you only want to be able to access your XP shares from your 'nix box, IRC the way I did it, when I was using a crossover cable, was to install the samba client package. Once the XP box is configured, it should show up in "Network Servers".

(If you want to be able to access your 'nix shares from the XP box you'll need to install and configure the samba server.)

On the XP box in /Control Panel/Network Connections, right-click on your LAN connection and select Properties. Once you've set up things the way you want, it may want to install some stuff, so you may need your XP disk. Share folders by right-clicking on the folder in Windows Explorer and selecting Sharing.

(The reason it currently reports a bad connection is that, by default, XP sets up the LAN connection for DHCP.)


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