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Re: Fwd: [Contributors] Microsoft Windows Is Offically Broken

On Tue, 2005-27-09 at 20:46 -0400, Jim Cornette wrote:
> jludwig wrote:
> >On Tuesday 27 September 2005 17:15, Kenneth Porter wrote:
> >  
> >
> >>--On Tuesday, September 27, 2005 9:57 AM -0600 Guy Fraser
> >>
> >><guy incentre net> wrote:
> >>    
> >>
> >>>Linux distributions need to get back to their roots if they
> >>>want to survive. They will hang on lingering with support
> >>>from only die hard fans, but like me after enough abuse they
> >>>will start loose interest too. It will take innovation and
> >>>listening to what the users expect and want, to re-invigorate
> >>>the user base if Linux distributions are to survive.
> >>>      
> >>>
> >>You presume that all Linux users are alike, and that all distributions
> >>cater to all users. While it's nice to sell Linux to the masses to gain
> >>more hardware support, they've never been the core constituency.
> >>    
> >>
> >
> Windows was broken for a long time. They have the resources to make an 
> OS that works. I do not think that Linux is endangered yet. Maybe from 
> some programs that appeal to different distributions, but other programs 
> that actually work are not used instead. I see the sway away from Distro 
> specific tools for Linux distros. Though I am not even going to 
> anticipate how successful or how much of a failure any particular OS 
> will be in the future.
> Jim

Indeed part of what I was saying, was that apparently bureaucratic 
decisions to remove good software, and replace it with something I 
was unfamiliar with or was dysfunctional for my equipment or 

The posts about the GUI admin, are not relevant to my post or 
situation. I rarely use many of the GUI admin tools, partly because 
they have bitten me before, but during setup after new installs 
I try them out to see how they may have improved before using vi
if nedit is not yet installed. I have yet to throw any significant 
support for Windows as a server. The excuses that RH is not 
interested in desktop systems, but rather focuses on enterprises 
rings hollow. Many small to medium sized businesses, have some 
services running from desktop systems that are regularly used 
as a workstation. The excuse that linux is safe because it has 
a robust command line interface that is good for remote 
administration and is reliable does not hold water either. There 
are other very good and reliable Free Unix server operating 
systems. The main advantage linux has had over other Free Unix 
operating systems has been support for desktop hardware and 
good desktop applications, but that is diminishing at a rapid 

The other part I may not have mentioned, was that MS has taken a 
few lumps and seems to be willing to change things now. If they 
can develop a good server OS that supports SSH command line 
administration, they may very well regain significant market 
share in the server domain and possibly even at the enterprise 
level. Dumping on administrators that have been very supportive 
in the past, because the bureaucrats decided to put all the coal 
in one oven, does not benefit any distro, or the Linux community 
as a whole.

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